I Love You Korbyn Lee Hopwood

No one else will ever know the strength of my Love for you;
After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.
-Love Mommy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No more Baby Food!

For the last week Korbyn has REFUSED to eat his baby food. I just figured it was a stage he was going through since we werent at home but he still didnt seem to interested in it when we got home tuesday. I was getting a little concerned so i looked it up on the internent and there are A LOT of posts from people with babies about 7-8 months so refuse to eat baby food! It said to try giving him food that he can use his own hands to feed himself. I went and bought him some more fruit puffs and cookies and got some yogurt bites as well. He loves them and feeds them to himself pretty good. Ill just put a few on his high chair tray and he picks them up one by one and eats them. I was expecting him to try stuffing all of them at once in his mouth but he didnt. We also made him some mashed potatoes and let him eat them off his tray. He ate about half and then just wanted to play with the rest. Hes been feeding himself his bottle and sippy cup for a while now and he is very independent so i am not suprised! He also loves eating watermelon, strawberries and otter pops inside his mesh baby-feeder.

Then this morning i noticed that all 4 of his top teeth are coming in. Im sure that probably has something to do with him not wanting to be spoon fed as well. Two of them broke through his gums and the other two are almost there so it wont be long before my baby boy has 6 teeth!!!!!!!!


  1. I think your right, it is kind of commen with babies cause Brody did the same thing. I can hardly get him to eat baby food anymore, Hes way more interested in big people food. He eat a whole slice of pizza the other day haha!But he has 8 teeth and more coming in so he can chew it. You should try giving Korbyn little pieces of bread, Brody loves it.

  2. Emma just started doing that. she still will eat a little out of the jar but mostly likes bread, peas, cheese, meat, anything she can actually use her hands and eat herself